Websites & Landing Pages

A web apperance is a must for any business today but does it have to complicated?

Here are some options and tools that you may want to consider.

Your business' shop window

Your business' shop window

Your business main website from here your visitors should be able to find your product & services. This site is the mother ship that can be sub divided into different projects, products & services.

Landing / Opt-in Pages

 Tools to drive your online traffic.

These are web pages that reside on the same or a different platform as the main website, letting the viewer subscribe or partake in different projects. Customary these mini website consist on a main landing/subscribe page and a thank you page with further information or instructions. 

Branding Essentials

Branding & Visual concept

Essential elements to incorporate in your main website as well as landing/opt-in pages is your colours, type faces and other aspects of your visual concept.

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Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

Websites | EZY Marketer and/or Word Press

Regardless if you are looking for an easy landing page with an opt in form, easy to share with your team, learn how to do it all or the best of two world combining the flexibility of a WordPress website and the marketing tools in EZY marketer we have a solution for you. 

If you are just starting out the EZY Marketer is an excellent option and with the unique share code option you or your team can have a landing/opt-in page up and running in a few minutes with personal referral links, personal branding as well as the customer management system integrated in EZY Marketer. If you are working with teams this is definitely an option to consider.  

If you already have a main website or wish to have a 'mother' site, EZY Marketer can of course also do this although the flexibility of a WordPress website it hard to compete with. However there is nothing stopping from having both, letting them work together, maximising their individual strengths. 

Monday Workshops
1500 CET / 1300 UTC

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Websites, branding & ...

  • Friday 1500 hrs CET / 1300 UTC
  • Workshop with different topics
  • Branding
  • How to's
  • EZY Marketer
  • ... and more
  • Click on above button to gain access Password: EASY


2 hours via zoom

Show me how to work it!

  • One-on-one workshop via zoom
  • We will work it together 
  • Learning by doing, step by step
  • We record the sessions so you can always revert back.
  • Click the Book now button above to get the ball rolling.
  •  Access to any EZY videos and/or PDFs via Facebook Group


1 site / 2 projects

Turn Key solution

  • Set-up of website using your branding, home page, contact page & landing pages for 2 projects with thank you pages. 
  • Hosting, Domain registration, etc. at EZY Marketer not included.
  • You email the text/copy, artwork and any imagery with any specific likes/dislikes and I will put it together for you.
  • You will have the platform ready to work the marketing side of things without getting stuck in the geeky stuff.
  • Additional landing/thank you pages with separate contact lists following the style of the main site charged at $97/project.


2 separate but linked sites

Best of two worlds!  

  • Combining the flexibility of a WordPress website with the marketing tools of the EZY Marketer to create the ultimate marketing machine.
  • Hosting and Domain registration/URL, WP or EZY extras/PRO plug-ins, etc. not included
  • You email the text/copy, artwork and any imagery with any specific likes/dislikes and I will put it together for you.
  • We work closely together to ensure your brand is reflected.
  • As this is a very personal set-up it is best quoted upon separately. 
  • Typically this includes basic pages like home/intro, about/contact, product/services - gallery - blog/information (Plus cookie consent / privacy policy plug-in set-up and page). | Set up of 5-6 plug-ins such as social media feeds, opt-in / contact forms for news letter and basic SEO settings. (Mainly, but not restriced to, using free plug-ins - additional “PRO” versions to be charged at cost) | Basic set-up for Google search console, google business & analytics. (Access to google account will be needed or created for the specific purpose.)
  • EZY Marketer set-up (alternatively Mail-chimp basic set-up)  including integration with web-site.
  • You will have full admin access so you will able to add, change and expand the site at any time.
Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.
Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.